Pencil is coming back

Each historic period manifests its unique recognizable face, which is different from the other times. Fashion, tastes, tendencies, capabilities – name it, everything is constantly changing. At the same time, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Only with one little remark – old traits always come back in a new packaging, or some new reincarnations, if you wish.

This statement applies to everything in life, including the architecture itself, and particularly – the architectural visualization and presentation, which is exactly what I am faithfully doing for many years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks to me, our old good friend, its Majesty The Pencil is coming back to the game.

Architectural visualization freehand rendering pencil hotel sketch hand drawing architecture illustration
Graduate Hotel, Tucson, AZ
(for Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners real estate)

Working as an Architectural Visualization Artist, probably, half of the work I do nowadays requested to be done in pencil. Fast, inexpensive, conveying the mood and narrative, pencil tells a lot more, than it shows. Using its peculiar language of prompting and hints, the pencil can help both, the client and the designer to verify the direction for the next step on the thorny and winding path of creating a new space.

Living room sketch Architectural freehand rendering pencil hand drawing architecture illustration Interior
Living Room sketch
(for Dennis McAvena Interior Design)

Long before any worked out details, prior to the first drawings appeared, and even without a clearly expressed list of the client’s wishes, the pencil gives an opportunity and media for discussing the architectural concept with all of its tempting intrigues and underwater reefs.

Architectural visualization freehand rendering pencil Mikvah sketch hand drawing architecture illustration
Mikvah in Newtown, Bucks county, PA
(Architectural concept sketch)

When updating the existing building with some new elements, or completely different function, the pencil opens the door to various new options. It helps us to find the best solution by sketching over the existing building photo.

Or in collaboration with Photoshop, pencil can work on reshaping existing cityscape, introducing a new building volume.

freehand rendering architectural concept hand sketch pencil on existing photo hotel and retail space freehand rendering by Shalumov
Hotel near Times Square area
(Predesign concept sketch)
Pencil, Photoshop
Rendering mixed media architectural concept sketch Revit Photoshop visualization artist Shalumov
Office building, Brooklyn, NY
Pencil sketch on existing photo, Photoshop

Finally, the pencil simply formulates a desired mood before the project adds details with all the finishes completed and approved.

Architectural Rendering graphics free hand Sketch Pencil drawing architecture illustration interior NoMad Hotel guest room visualization artist Shalumov Шалум Шалумов архитектор художник
The NoMad Hotel, New York
(for Stonehill & Taylor Architects)

So, welcome back to our old good friend – the Pencil!

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